For approved students

  • Please note that this is not an application, but is meant for people who have already been accepted as students on a particular course.
  • Information is needed for course administration and training and syndicate work arrangements.
  • Travel Information is used to coordinate the course transportation arrangements in Finland. If the information is not available now, it should be sent by e-mail to Sähköpostiosoitteet/studentadmin.gif as soon as possible.
  • PIN-code can be obtained from your Course Confirmation.
  • Compulsory fields are marked with *
  • Finnish students do not have to fill in the passport number

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COPC students: place of accommodation



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Previous international assignments

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Expected international assignment

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Brief description of previous assignments


EQUIPMENT REQUEST (for Finnish reservists only)
(vain suomalaiset reserviläiset täyttävät)

Pituus (cm)
Paino (kg)
Takki (koko)
Housut (koko)
Paita (koko)
Kengät (koko)
Lakki (koko)

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