FINCENT Publications

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FINCENT Course Catalogue 2015


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FINCENT Course Catalogue 2014

FINCENT Publication Series 1:2013 
Expecting the Unexpected: Experiences of Leadership Challenges in Crisis Management

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FINCENT Publication Series 1:2012
Thinking beyond Afghanistan – the future prospects of crisis management

FINCENT Publication Series 1:2011
The Many Faces of Military Crisis Management – Lessons from the Field

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FINCENT Publication Series 1:2010 Security Sector Reform –
Beyond Civil-Military Cooperation

FINCENT Publication Series 1:2009
Varying Cultures in Modern Crisis Management

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FINCENT Publication Series 1:2008
Building Blocks for Finnish Crisis Management

FINCENT Handbook
General information about FINCENT

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Crisis Management Development
Co-operation between the Nordic Countries and the Eastern Africa Region


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