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The Finnish Defence Forces International Centre FINCENT organises military crisis management courses for command and expert personnel in UN, NATO, AU and EU led crisis management operations. From the beginning of 2015 onwards, FINCENT functions as part of the National Defence University. Read more..

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26 March | FINCENT
FINCENT in Montenegro: "Without valid training there is no hope - all training matters"
FINCENT participated in the Military Partnership Coordination Workshop 2015 in Budva, Montenegro.

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17 March | FINCENT
FINCENT visits Vietnam Peacekeeping Centre
FINCENT had the opportunity to visit the new Vietnam Peacekeeping Centre in Hanoi, Vietnam, from 16 to 17 March 2015. The visit was the first relating to PSO issues made by a European country.

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16 March | FINCENT
Combat Readiness Evaluation Course at FINCENT
The Finnish Defence Forces International Centre together with the NATO School Oberammergau’s Mobile Education and Training team is running a national Combat Readiness Evaluation (nCREVAL) Course for Land Forces.

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13 March | FINCENT
Fact Finding Trip to the United Nations
A Fact Finding Trip to the United Nations Headquarters in New York was conducted by FINCENT in March.

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21 April: MEC 1-2 B Military English Course
2 May: European Union Comprehensive Crisis Management Course 
11 May: NORDEFCO United Nations Military Experts on Mission Course 1/15
18 May: S5-54-B-15 NATO JOPG Comprehensive Operations Planning Course 
1 June: Military French Course 
6 June: NORDEFCO Integrated Crisis Management Course

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