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The Finnish Defence Forces International Centre FINCENT organises military crisis management courses for command and expert personnel in UN, NATO, AU and EU led crisis management operations. At the beginning of 2015, FINCENT became a part of the National Defence University. Read more..

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30 November | FINCENT
Combined Joint Staff Exercise 16 preparations at FINCENT
A multinational team of officers gathered last week at FINCENT at the Finnish National Defence University in Helsinki in order to continue preparations for the Combined Joint Staff Exercise 16 (CJSE16). 

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23 November | FINCENT
The eight Integrated Crisis Management Course conducted in Africa commenced
Some 19 military, police and civilian crisis management experts from 6 different nations are participating in the Integrated Crisis Management (ICM) course 21 – 27 November 2015, organised in Kenya. This is the eight ICM course to be conducted in Eastern Africa.

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17 November | FINCENT
United Nations Protection of Civilians Course in Rwanda
Twenty-nine military, police and civilian experts from nine nations are participating in the NORDEFCO United Nations Protection of Civilians course 16 – 20 November 2015.

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16 November | FINCENT 
NATO/Partnership Logistics Course 2015 at FINCENT
Twenty-five students representing nine different nationalities are participating in a tactical level NATO/Partnership Logistics Course at the Finnish Defence Forces International Centre located in Helsinki, Finland. 

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4 November | FINCENT
UNMEM 3/15: Final Exercise finished
The United Nations Military Experts on Mission Course has finished its final exercise. In the three-day field exercise, the student officers worked together with their civilian counterparts, as students of Crisis Management Centre Finland’s EU Concept Core Course joined the exercise.

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8 December: Military English Course 4B
16 December: FINCENT's Instructors' Meeting

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