Finnish instructors support African staff training

29 October 2011 | FINCENT

Two Finnish officers, Lieutenant Colonel Timo Teräsvalli and Commander Kari Mäkinen, are members of the Nordic team of trainers running a UN staff officers course in Uganda for officers from the Eastern African Standby Force. 

The reason Timo Teräsvalli and Kari Mäkinen and their colleagues from Sweden and Denmark are in Uganda is a number of decisions made by the Nordic ministers of defence since 2008 that the Nordic countries will support the capacity building of the Eastern African Standby Force, EASF.

The United Nations Staff Officers Course, UNSOC, is a course for would-be staff officers on UN missions. The course lasts for two weeks and is focused on what the students need in order to be able to function in a multinational, multifunctional UN sector staff within the framework of a peace support operation led by the UN or the African Union. 

- We used the first week to establish a base of knowledge about the UN, its organizational structure and how it works. From there we went on to look at planning and decision making methods used by the UN, says Timo Teräsvalli.

Kari Mäkinen is briefed by one of the students.
(Photo Jonas Svensson)


Timo Teräsvalli instructs students during a map exercise.
(Photo Carl-Magnus Olofsson)

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