The Finnish Centre of Expertise in Comprehensive Crisis Management

Together, the Finnish Defence Forces International Centre (FINCENT) and Crisis Management Centre Finland (CMC Finland) established the Finnish Centre of Expertise in Comprehensive Crisis Management in June 2008. Its core tasks are the development of civil-military relations and coordination in crisis management both for national crisis management capacity building and international crisis management missions.

The Finnish Centre of Expertise is based on a shared campus principle, where responsibility is shared between FINCENT and CMC Finland, both of which continue to function in their capacity of independent governmental institutions. The goal is to create a clear framework for the cooperation that already exists between these two institutions.

The Finnish Centre of Expertise in Comprehensive Crisis Management endeavours to develop common and shared training in crisis management as well as to promote an overall understanding of comprehensive crisis management. Its tasks also include research, publishing and seminar activities.

Crisis Management Centre Finland  

The Crisis Management Centre Finland (CMC Finland), located in Kuopio, is a governmental institution and a centre of expertise in civilian crisis management. The main tasks of CMC Finland are to train and recruit experts for international civilian crisis management and peacebuilding missions as well as conduct research focusing on civilian crisis management. CMC Finland acts as a national head office for all seconded Finnish civilian crisis management professionals. 

The responsibility of civilian crisis management is shared between two ministries in Finland: the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for the political coordination of civilian crisis management and thus decides which missions Finnish experts may take part in while the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for issues concerning national capacity building on a strategic level. CMC Finland operates under the Ministry of the Interior and carries out the operational tasks of training and recruitment,  as well as research and development. 

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